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For those who like to plan their path in advance, we suggest looking at Google Maps (see map above or below on this page) while reading these instructions.


There are two main arteries into the Corpus Christi area: Interstate 37 from the Northwest, and Hwy 181 from the Northeast (and across the Harbor Bridge).  Both of these intersect HWY 358 or South Padre Island Drive (SPID). Take SPID south towards Flour Bluff. Just past the Oso Bay Bridge and the University Area, start looking for signs for Flour Bluff.  Here, we recommend one of two paths: either Flour Bluff Drive OR Laguna Shores Road.  


Flour Bluff Drive exit off of SPID is fairly easy on RV’s, and you need to make your way to the right lane for a right turn onto Flour Bluff Drive (in front of Wal-Mart.  Take this road all the way to Yorktown, then take a left, and follow all the way down to Laguna Shores Road. We are immediately on your left at that intersection!


You may also take the Waldron exit, stay on the feeder, go through the light and proceed past the HEB and surrounding businesses, then take a right on Laguna Shores Road.  Follow this road all the way to our front steps!  


Occasionally, folks come to see us from North Padre Island or Port Aransas.  Simply come over the JFK Causeway and exit Waldron. From there you can access either of the previously described ways to get here!

Vine vector art from Wix
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