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Relaxing community area at Lagua Shore Village RV
Let us give you a personalized experience.
Unlike many RV Parks with automated or entirely online reservation systems, we actually like to talk to you to find out how we can best serve your needs. Please call us at 361.937.6035 to speak with our office personnel so we can provide you with a personalized experience. We need to know the type and length of your RV, whether you need a 30 amp or 50 amp spot, and how long you would like to stay.  Then we can work to find the optimum site. Truck campers, smaller pods, and “teardrop” units requiring only 110-volt outlets are also quite welcome here.
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Laguna Shoe Village R.V. Park sign
Feel free to reserve with us in advance.
We invite customers to make reservations as soon as possible as we cannot guarantee spots for drive-ups. This is particularly true during the cooler months as the “Winter Texans” descend on South Texas!  
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Our RV parking policy.
In an effort to avoid any damages to RVs or meters & hookups, it is our policy that our Guests cannot park by themselves. One of our friendly staff members will direct you into the RV spot. Due to this policy, we only allow Guests to be parked during our business hours. We want to work with you, and if you communicate with us we can occasionally make exceptions to stay past closing to park Guests if arrival will not be too long after closing. However, under no circumstances can we park any Guests after dark. We apologize for any inconvenience.  If you have any questions, give us a call at (361) 937-6035 and we'd love to help.
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